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About the business

The walnut fund is a family business, run by people that are passionate about agriculture and especially walnut trees! Since our origin in 2010 we planted over 2000 walnut trees, established multiple successful plantations and consulted many in instituting their own orchards.

What started as a small family hobby quickly grew into a full time business, and in 2018 the decision was made that the walnut fund MUST be made available to the World!

Created as an alternative to traditional investment options we not only assure our investors with a steady, secure & long term passive income, but also present the opportunity to acquire a new hobby and passion!

History time Company Timeline


We planted our first trees! At the time we were not dreaming big, all we wanted was an interesting hobby and some passive income on the side.

2010 – 2014

What began as a pastime soon grew into a passion and a full time job! We planted more trees, and were astounded to see how many people were taking interest in the business.

2015 – 2017

Every year our business grew bigger! Not only were we handling our own plantations but we were flying around the globe consulting others on how to establish successful – high yielding walnut farms!

2018 – 2019

We decided to share with the world. Our love for walnuts was no longer something that we could keep to ourselves. The walnut fund idea was conceived, and we began working meticulously on making it available to the public.


The walnut fund is born!

Why Walnuts

Historically walnuts have always been in high demand and short supply.

Due to the three-year waiting period before first harvest, farmers are reluctant to plant this nut-bearing tree. With walnut demand growing on a yearly basis and a stable supply, the market price of walnuts is very consistent.


Steady price throughout the year

The advantage with walnuts is that they are not perishable. The price of any commodity fluctuates throughout the year with regard to supply and demand. Within their shell walnuts can stay up to 20 months. This allows us to sell when the price is at a maximum. Additionally there are no losses during transport or warehousing.

Harvesting is completely mechanized

Walnut harvesting is done mechanically. This is an enormous advantage as labor costs are minimized and profits remain unaffected.


Walnuts are very resistant to pests.

In comparison to other fruit-bearing trees the walnut is very resistant to pests, disease and natural elements. Walnuts are considered one of the safest and most reliable farmable goods.

Walnuts have many uses and are not dependent of only one industry.

Here is a brief summary of the many uses for walnuts:

  • -The bulk of walnuts are used in the production of walnut oil.
  • -Walnuts are abundantly used in the cosmetic industry.
  • -Walnut is regarded as some of the highest quality and most expensive wood stock. Trees have sold for as much as ten thousand dollars!
  • -Walnut shells can be used to produce high quality heating pellet.

Minimal risk of frost damage.

Walnut trees bloom late and there is minimal risk of frost damage to the nuts and flowers. Walnut trees do not depend on honeybees as they are wind pollinated by pollinizer trees.

Our origins


Although we call Serbia "home", we have evolved and branched out internationally. We believe that great people, great products and great businesses can come from anywhere! So, we encourage you to join the team!


The walnut fund works to create a company culture that sustains a business savvy yet eco-friendly mindset. We are constantly working at furthering not only our business but our community as well! Our employees have opportunities to attend events, share their work, and take an active role in society.

Our mission is to allow everyone access to the beautiful tradition of walnut cultivation. Tailoring to small and mid-size investors alike, the walnut fund presents an innovative and never before seen approach in the agro-investing environment. We believe that with content investors, a thriving workforce and a happy community the sky is the limit!

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