Hello World! Watch out for our 2020 debut!

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The first trees

Now, for the first time ever individuals have the opportunity to invest in agriculture without having to get dirty or go to the stock market. The walnut fund offers clients the possibility to buy walnut trees, follow their development, and reap profits while letting us do all the hard work! We at the walnut fund like to call it “cloud walnut farming”, a new and innovative approach to investing in agriculture. Interested in finding out why you should invest in walnuts??? read more

There are so many factors that differentiate “the walnut fund” from other investments. Amazing profits, a secure long-term passive income, full transparency, and the chance to do something good for the community just to name a few. Investing in walnuts has proven to be very profitable, and the demand for this nut is growing every year. We invite you to join our team and become part of this lucrative business.

Interested in finding out about profit’s and ROI??? read more

Now that we have you sitting on the edge of your seats here is a little info on what we have planned in 2020. We are currently hard at work networking and building connections with various influencers that will help spread our idea. In the first quarter of 2020. we plan to officially launch our platform and prepare for the November 2020 plantation setup. Join the team and let’s make this our first-year public a stellar success!

In case you have any questions, suggestions or wish to work alongside us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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