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You have made a great decision to grow your walnuts with us!

How it works cycle

How it works

The walnut fund welcomes clients from all around the world to erect modern high-yielding walnut plantations. Following plantation establishment, our agro experts supervise and tend to the needs of the plantation to ensure maximum future yield.

Our clients are our priority! When the plantation begins to  produce walnuts, investors are reimbursed first, and only after your initial investment has been returned does The Walnut Fund begin to take its share of the profit.

1. Place an order

You have made a great decision deciding to grow walnut trees with us! The first step is to determine how many walnut trees you want to own.

2. Plantation setup

Your walnut trees have been planted and our walnut agro-experts are making sure that they are taken care of. Every day your trees are getting bigger and stronger!

3. Collect

Great things come to those who wait! All future profits are split equally 50 – 50 between the walnut fund and you. Best of all, we only begin to take our share of profits after your initial investment has been returned.

Yearly expected income from one Walnut Tree

Investor security

Risk mitigation

Yearly dividends are calculated based on a
percentage ownership stake in the plantation, not
on an individual “tree yield” basis. This means that in case something happens to your tree/trees, you will
not be left empty handed. You will continue to
receive your entitled profits, and your trees will be replanted.


As an additional line of defense from unforeseen
circumstances, The Walnut fund covers all insurance
related costs until the plantation has reached self-
sustainability. In case of force majeure, insurance
settlements paid out to The Walnut Fund, will be divided among investors.

Why walnuts?


Plantation setup

You have decided to invest in walnut trees. Congratulations! At this stage, an order has been placed for your walnut tree saplings. They will be planted in the first upcoming planting window.
1 – 3 Years


Your walnut trees are getting bigger and bigger! Although already able to produce walnuts, we prevent them from doing so in order to develop their root system (ensuring maximum future yield).
4 – 6 Years


Your walnut trees have developed enough to start making some serious yield. In this period, you can expect to receive a full return on investment.
7 – 60 Years

The golden years

Your walnut trees are fully mature and are producing anywhere between 50 and 100 pounds (25 and 50 kilograms) annually! All you need to do is sit back and relax.
The golden years
4 / 1

ROI calculator

Get an approximation of what your walnut trees will bring you
1 tree
Do you want to invest more than $100,000?

Why Choose Us?

The walnut fund offers a unique investment opportunity that will bring you more than half a century’s worth of passive income.

A Unique opportunity

The walnut fund offers clients a new and unique opportunity. How many of your friends can say that they have an army of trees working for them and making them income?

Passive Income & Yield

Walnut farming is a great source of passive income. It might take a couple of years for the yield to start coming in, but when it does, you will be enjoying it for the next 40+ years!

A gift for the next generation

The walnut fund offers a unique opportunity that will bring you merit for over half a century. Not only are you creating equity for yourself, you are also securing future generations to come.

Good for the environment

You are doing something great for the environment! Everyone should plant at least one tree in his or her lifetime…. You are just going to get paid for doing so.


The walnut fund prides itself on transparency. With photo and video updates directly from the plantation, you will be able to thoroughly follow your walnut trees, from planting to harvesting!