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Our plantations

Since our origin in 2010 we have planted over 2000 walnut trees, established multiple successful plantations and consulted many in instituting their own orchards. Although we call California “home”, we have evolved and branched out internationally. We believe that great people, great products and great businesses can come from anywhere! Today we have plantations in […]


Investing in walnuts

For centuries walnut investing and walnut farming was reserved for the rich and prosperous. The wait for walnut trees to give first yield was a luxury not many farmers were able to afford. Nevertheless, those that could bear the first few years without income, were rewarded extensively. The article below provides a detailed overview into […]


Investing in walnuts – The Essentials

Walnut farming is a complex process and it demands years of knowledge and expertise to be successful. Here are a few quick and fun facts that every beginner needs to know when considering investing in walnuts. Origin The Latin name for the walnut tree genus is “Juglans” which when translated into English means “Jupiter’s nut”. […]


10 Reasons why investing in walnut trees is the best passive income option of 2020

The walnut fund is a cloud based agriculture investment platform devoted to providing everyone the chance to participate in the beautiful tradition of walnut cultivation. We collect money from investors all over the world and erect modern, high yielding walnut plantations. We plant the trees, take care of them and when the time comes, we […]


Hello World! Watch out for our 2020 debut!

Hello World! Watch out for our 2020 debut! Now, for the first time ever individuals have the opportunity to invest in agriculture without having to get dirty or go to the stock market. The walnut fund offers clients the possibility to buy walnut trees, follow their development, and reap profits while letting us do all […]

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