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Our plantations

Since our origin in 2010 we have planted over 2000 walnut trees, established multiple successful plantations and consulted many in instituting their own orchards. Although we call California “home”, we have evolved and branched out internationally. We believe that great people, great products and great businesses can come from anywhere! Today we have plantations in Italy, Hungary, Serbia and Turkey.

Trade practices
We have over ten years experience in the walnut Industry. We have become experts in establishing intensive, high yielding walnut plantations. Here are some of the key points regarding the agricultural practices that we implement.

Plantation setup

Before we establish a new plantation we first handpick the land where we will plant our trees. Land is a key factor as it must meet certain criteria. Key factors that we take into account are:

  • Soil type and structure
  • Altitude of land
  • Terrain formation / architecture
  • What other cultures are cultivated in the close vicinity
  • Sunlight exposure
  • Wind impact
  • Exposure to natural hazards

All of our plantations are setup to insure maximum productivity and future yield. The spacing of rows & columns between trees is vital to this as it is very important for the pollination of trees. We plant our trees in a dense 5m-6m formation. This allows for excellent pollination and best utilization of land.

Irrigation systems

All of our plantations are equipped with advanced irrigation systems that not only insure optimum soil moisture levels at all times but also provide our trees with constant delivery of required nutrients.


We spray our trees 3-5 times per year to insure maximum health of our plantations. By spraying our trees, we protect them from insects, fungi, pests and aggressive weed growth.


The Walnut fund has a dynamic workforce that changes during the year proportionally to the needs of the plantations. During the dormant winter period only the management team is active, while the busiest season, autumn has a much more diverse workforce .

Investing in walnuts

For centuries walnut investing and walnut farming was reserved for the rich and prosperous. The wait for walnut trees to give first yield was a luxury not many farmers were able to afford. Nevertheless, those that could bear the first few years without income, were rewarded extensively. The article below provides a detailed overview into the world of walnut investing. We will take a look at historical trends in walnut prices, what is causing the rise in demand of walnuts, the advantages and disadvantages of investing in walnuts and much more.

Historical in-shell walnut prices

The below chart portrays the FOB (freight on board) price variation for wholesale walnut prices from the 1990’s to 2020. Freight on board (FOB) prices are the most accurate estimate of what a large scale walnut producer is paid for their annual harvest. Although yearly prices are dependent on a multitude of factors long term trends show a yearly increase of 3.45% in walnut wholesale prices. With limited supply and rapidly increasing demand for walnut products, walnut investing proves as a safe haven for investors worldwide. As price volatility is minimum and future price projections are positive, investing in walnuts has become a popular alternative investment option.

Demand and production

With the rise of health conciensousness and healthy dieting walnuts have become a much sought after necessity. The versatility of this healthy nut as an ingredient has been enhanced over the past few years and can now be found in ready-to-eat meals, cereals, chocolates, bars, ice-creams, cooking oils and many other products. Due to increasing demand, worldwide walnut production has been on a steady rise for the past several years. With supply unable to cope with the rate of increasing demand, forecasts for walnut prices are very optimistic and it has never been a better time to invest in walnuts!

The good and the deficits of investing in walnuts

As is with all investments, walnut farming has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Let us compare what the conveniences and downfalls of investing in walnut trees are.


  • Walnut trees provide years of passive income
  • Walnuts are very valuable and prove to be a very profitable investment
  • Walnut trees are much more resistant to pests and harsh climate than other agricultural products are
  • Market prices are less effected by turbulent economic cycles then other investment options
  • An amazing way to diversify your asset class
  • By investing in walnut trees you help out the environment and help keep the planet healthy
  • Constant increase in demand
  • Rise of popularity in the everyday household


  • Long initial wait for tree maturity and cash flow to begin.
  • As with all agricultural goods yield is climate dependent and may vary from year to year.
  • Overall climate change may impact productivity

With investors leaning continuously more towards nontraditional investment options, walnut investing has become increasingly popular. Providing a secure and long term passive income stream investing in this commodity is an option that should seriously be considered. The walnut fund is proud to be the first online investment platform to provide investors the option to invest in walnut trees online.

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Investing in walnuts – The Essentials

Walnut farming is a complex process and it demands years of knowledge and expertise to be successful. Here are a few quick and fun facts that every beginner needs to know when considering investing in walnuts.


The Latin name for the walnut tree genus is “Juglans” which when translated into English means “Jupiter’s nut”. The majority of walnut tree species are monoecious (self-pollinating), meaning that a single tree contains both male and female flowers and can produce nuts by itself. Nevertheless, walnut yield is highest when different cultivars are planted in tight batches.

Pollination and tree variety

Although walnut trees are self-pollinating, some walnut trees produce more pollen then others. When planning a walnut orchard, it is essential that one picks the right combination of walnut varieties. Choosing the right ratio of species is important for a number of reasons. In order to uphold a healthy walnut farm and produce maximum yield a walnut plantation must have two or more different walnut species.

Market placement

When you consider investing in walnuts, you must be aware of market conditions. Wholesalers look for producers that have walnut yields encompassing a minimum of 90% of one specific walnut species. Meaning that planting an equal amount of different species would be very detrimental to product placement. There needs to be one predominant sort (90%), and the rest (10%) can differ. This ensures maximum price and profit when going to market.


Different varieties of walnut trees begin to flower at different periods of the year. If you are looking to invest in walnuts, It is important to pick walnut species that flower at the same time thus insuring maximum yields and profits.


Depending on the place of origin, every walnut specie has different climate requirements. When choosing what walnut sort you are going to plant, it is of upmost importance that you pick species that are suited for the climate of your region. This can be the differentiating factor between having a successful and non-successful plantation.

These are only some of the factors that one must consider before investing in a walnut plantation. Luckily the walnut fund has a team of walnut experts with years of experience ready to make every walnut plantation a success! Investing in walnuts was never this easy!

10 Reasons why investing in walnut trees is the best passive income option of 2020

The walnut fund is a cloud based agriculture investment platform devoted to providing everyone the chance to participate in the beautiful tradition of walnut cultivation. We collect money from investors all over the world and erect modern, high yielding walnut plantations. We plant the trees, take care of them and when the time comes, we split the profit with our investors! Read on and find out why walnut trees are the best passive income opportunity of 2020!

Everyone can invest

With a minimal investment of only one hundred dollars (one tree), the walnut fund is one of the most easily accessible investment platforms in 2020. You don’t have to be a millionaire to plant a tree and become part of the team!

Low risk

Investing in walnuts is one of the safest investments out there. The tree itself is very resistant to disease, pests and harsh weather conditions and in addition to that, walnuts maintain a stable and high price on world markets ensuring a high, long term ROI.


Know what is happening with your investment at all times! Unlike other investment platforms where you do not know how your money is being used, with the walnut fund you get to see exactly where your money is going. With the walnut fund, you get to physically watch your investment grow!

Great community

Join a community of people devoted to the environment and making the world a better place, while at the same time making a serious profit!

Customer service

Our customer service team is first class! Reach out to us 24/7 and ask us anything that you are not sure about. Call us, send us an email or contact us directly via our telephone number. We are there to answer any questions you might have.

Great return on investment

No investment platform out there promises such a high and steady ROI as we do. Although it might be a while until you get to see the money flow, it is well worth the wait.

Do something good for the planet

By investing in walnut trees you are doing something good for the planet! Plant a tree and make the planet just a little bit more green.

A gift for the next generation

The walnut fund is an investment that is not only for yourself. With walnut tree’s living up to one hundred years, this Is a gift that you can pass on to the next generation.

100% passive income

Passive income doesn’t get more passive than this. We do all the hard work, and all you have to do is lay back and relax! Investing in agriculture has never been so easy.

Slow and steady wins the race

Promising overnight riches, investments such as Real estate, crypto currency, the stock market, and day trading have mostly left investors high and dry. Contrary to this the walnut fund is a slow and secure investment option. We are not a “get rich quick scheme” yet an investment that will keep passive income flowing for years to come.

Hello World! Watch out for our 2020 debut!

Hello World! Watch out for our 2020 debut!

Now, for the first time ever individuals have the opportunity to invest in agriculture without having to get dirty or go to the stock market. The walnut fund offers clients the possibility to buy walnut trees, follow their development, and reap profits while letting us do all the hard work! We at the walnut fund like to call it “cloud walnut farming”, a new and innovative approach to investing in agriculture.

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There are so many factors that differentiate “the walnut fund” from other investments. Amazing profits, a secure long term passive income, full transparency and the chance to do something good for the community just to name a few. Investing in walnuts has proven to be very profitable, and the demand for this nut is growing every year. We invite you to join our team and become part of this lucrative business.

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Now that we have you sitting on the edge of your seats here is a little info on what we have planned in 2020. We are currently hard at work networking and building connections with various influencers that will help spread our idea. In the first quarter of 2020. we plan to officially launch our platform and prepare for the November 2020 plantation setup. Join the team and let’s make this our first year public a stellar success!

In case you have any questions, suggestions or wish to work alongside us, do not hesitate to contact us.

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